mobile in ear headphones industry development trend and market status analysis in 2018 Headphones towards digital intelligent de

First, the Pearl River Delta region has become the world's "headset manufacturing center"
mobile in ear headphones industry development trend and market status analysis in 2018 Headphones towards digital intelligent development were originally used primarily for telephone or radio, but with the popularity of portable electronic devices, headsets are now used in mobile phones, walkmans, radios, portable video games and digital audio players. mobile in ear headphones industry development trend and market status analysis in 2018 Headphones towards digital intelligent development were produced in the 1920s and have since been widely used in intelligence and military applications. After the war, headphones began to enter the consumer market.
After the 1980s, with the rapid development of the audio-visual entertainment industry and the consumer electronics industry, headphones and speakers were used as supporting devices for Walkman, TV, home audio, and personal computers. In recent years, consumer electronics manufacturers and Internet companies have entered the electro-acoustic industry in the wave of the popularization of smart devices and the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, promoting the continuous development of the electro-acoustic industry in technology, scale and application.
Headphones entered China as a commodity in large areas in the early 1990s, when headphones only met the most basic "sound" demand. With the global production and technology transfer, China's electro-acoustic components industry has made great progress, gradually mastered a number of production technologies from electro-acoustic components to terminal electro-acoustic products, and began to gradually move from the speed-based OEM stage. The quality-effective ODM stage transformation has formed a relatively complete electroacoustic industrial system and related industrial chain. Based on the advantages of labor, resources and region, China's electro-acoustic industry has obvious manufacturing advantages, and has formed a huge industrial scale and a relatively complete industrial chain. With the advantages of hardware manufacturing capability and labor cost, the Pearl River Delta region is becoming the world. "Headphone Manufacturing Center."
In recent years, along with the continuous development of digital products such as smart phones, tablets, notebook computers, portable media players, virtual reality devices and the large-scale international transfer of the electro-acoustic industry, it represents the high-end level of electro-acoustic micro-electricity. Acoustic components and consumer electroacoustic products have developed rapidly in China.


 Second, the wireless headset market share has gradually increased, becoming the main source of future headset market growth
As the world's leading headset manufacturer, China has formed a relatively complete headset industry chain. In recent years, with the gradual enrichment of social entertainment and the popularization of various intelligent terminals, China has gradually developed into one of the major earphone consumer markets, and the headset market has expanded significantly. According to the statistics of China Electronic Audio Industry Association, the total output value of China's earphone industry in 2017 reached approximately 72.66 billion yuan, an increase of 23.05% over 2016.

With the continuous improvement of the mechanized automation level of the earphone manufacturing industry, the refinement and stability of the manufacturing industry are continuously enhanced, and the production and supply capacity of the earphones has been improved. According to the statistics of China Electronic Audio Industry Association, the total output of China's earphone industry in 2017 reached approximately 3.633 billion, an increase of 9.11% over 2016.


 Under the influence of factors such as advances in technology and the degree of product subdivision, the demand for the Chinese headset market will gradually be released, and the competitive position in the global headset industry will gradually increase.
With the rapid development of wireless transmission technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi, the transmission rate, power consumption, stability and other aspects have gradually met the needs of electro-acoustic products, and wireless headphones using wireless transmission technology have gradually matured. In the context of the rapid development of integrated circuit technology, the performance and functions of smart chips used in wireless earphones are gradually improving, and wireless transmission of stereo signals, improved connection efficiency and stability, and improved sound quality have greatly improved wireless. The battery life of the headset. Due to the natural portability of wireless headphones, it has become popular in many applications such as mobile entertainment, mobile office, sports and fitness, and the demand for wireless headphones is growing. In recent years, the trend of thin and light smart phones has become obvious. High-end smart phones have canceled the 3.5mm wired earphone interface, which has further stimulated the market demand for wireless headphones. Modern earphones, especially high-end Bluetooth headsets, have become highly integrated electronic products, and the added value has increased significantly. According to the statistics of China Electronic Audio Industry Association, the average selling price of wireless headphones in 2017 is ten times higher than that of wired headphones.
According to the statistics of China Electronic Audio Industry Association, the output value of China's wireless headsets reached 36.398 billion yuan in 2017, up 73.58% year-on-year, accounting for 49.95% of the total output value of the headset industry; the output was 272 million, up 52.19% year-on-year, accounting for the total output of headphones. 7.49%.


 Third, Europe, the United States, Japan occupy the world's high-end brands
At present, the major earphone brand manufacturers are concentrated in Europe, America and Japan. The United States has five major brands: KOSS, GRADO, SHURE, ALESSANDRO and ETYMOTIC; AUDIO-TECHNICA, STAX and Sony brands; Germany has BEYERDYNAMIC, SENNHEISER, MBQUART (German Goethe) and other brands; other European brands include Austria AKG, Denmark's Jabra, PHILIPS in the Netherlands, ERGO in Switzerland, etc.


 Homemade mobile in ear headphones industry development trend and market status analysis in 2018 Headphones towards digital intelligent developmentbrands, smart terminal manufacturers, and headset manufacturers are the three important forces driving the rise of China's local headset brands. At present, the major foreign earphone brands, except the flagship products, master the core technology, and most of the other products are designed and manufactured in China. OEM/ODM foundries can rely on the advantages of manufacturing processes to strengthen the investment in technology and develop their own brands. With the development of smart phones and digital music touching the "ceiling" of innovation, from the software point of view, hardware point of view, or profitability, the cross-selling earphone products have become the main extension of the development of major manufacturers, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi Well-known smart terminal manufacturers such as Meizu have launched their own brand of earphone products.
Fourth, the industry development trend analysis
1. The digital signal interface gradually replaces the analog signal interface, and the wired headset gradually goes digital.
In the digital age, the trend of media stream and digitization of audio streams is driving the revolution of earphone audio input technology. Headphone signal transmission technology is moving from analog signal transmission to digital signal transmission. Traditional headphones generally use a 3.5 mm circular analog signal interface, and only transmit audio functions. Digital headsets are connected directly using standard digital interfaces, such as the Type-C interface and the Lightning interface. The intelligent digital product sends a digital audio signal to the earphone and can directly charge the earphone, and the earphone built-in decoder directly decodes the high-rate audio signal, thereby reducing the sound quality loss caused by the interference caused by the intelligent terminal decoding in the body. Bring better sound performance to users. As the audio interfaces of various types of intelligent terminals change from analog interfaces to digital interfaces, wired headsets will gradually become digital.
2. Artificial intelligence technology is integrated into electroacoustic products to accelerate the change of electroacoustic industry
The rise of machine intelligence and cloud big data provides a technical basis for emerging interactions such as speech recognition, gesture recognition, and image recognition. After the smart phone, smart watch, smart bracelet, smart glasses, the headset is entering the intelligent era after digitization. The smart earphone is built-in intelligent system in the traditional earphone, and uses Bluetooth technology as the transmission mode. The application is connected to a mobile terminal such as a smart phone. It can realize a variety of application functions, and can monitor motion, voice assistant, touch and motion. Functions such as translation, location mode switching, etc. are integrated into the headset to become a wearable smart device. By carrying Bluetooth technology to transmit data wirelessly, smart sheadsets can work closely with mobile terminals such as smart phones, and transmit human body data to mobile terminals such as smart phones for storage and analysis in real time. It has answering calls, intelligent motion tracking, and detecting heart rate. , GPS navigation and other functions, according to different functions have different names, such as smart sports headphones, smart heart rate headphones, smart translation headphones, smart ECG headphones. According to Tractica's estimates, global smart headset shipments will reach 5.6 million in 2017, reaching 13.7 million by 2022, resulting in a market of $2.2 billion.
The above data and analysis are all from the Prospective Industry Research Institute's "China Headphone Industry Market Preview and Investment Planning Analysis Report".


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