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During the holiday season, many small partners have added new things to themselves. Of course, choosing to replace a new one is definitely a good choice. But how do you choose the headset? If you want to get a good result and change your budget, today the Lions will take this topic out and talk with everyone.



 Dynamic coil type: In the moving coil type, a metal wire is connected to the positive and negative poles of the signal source to form a "voice coil". When the current passes through the "voice coil", it becomes an "electromagnet" and the permanent magnet acts to repel or attract, thereby driving the diaphragm to produce sound. Advantages: mature technology, durable, strong sound scene


 Electrostatic type: Electrostatic earphone, which relies on the electric field to work on the charge. Its charge is provided by a high-voltage polarized power source, which captures the charge from the edge conducting layer on the extremely thin diaphragm, causing the diaphragm to vibrate. Since the electrostatic earphone can provide a finer high frequency, the quality of the sound source is high. Advantages: high frequency law response, strong detail
Moving iron type: The moving iron type "voice coil" is wound around a precision iron piece called "balanced armature". It is transmitted to the center point of a micro-diaphragm through a structurally rigid connecting rod to generate vibration and sound. Advantages: small size, high sensitivity and good sound insulation.
To buy a headset that makes you happy, the first thing you need to learn is to understand the complex terminology and parameters of the headset.


 Impedance: The impedance of the earphone is the abbreviation of its AC impedance. The impedance refers to the impedance of the alternating current in a circuit with resistance, inductance and capacitance. The impedance is in ohms (Ω). The size of the impedance is closely related to the sound of the earphone. Generally, the smaller the impedance, the easier the earphone is to drive and sound. On the contrary, the higher the impedance of the earphone, the better the sound effect will be with the sound source with a larger output power.
Sensitivity: Sensitivity is the sound pressure level that can be emitted by the earphone when the input power of 1 mW is input to the earphone (the unit of sound pressure is decibel, the louder the sound pressure is, the higher the volume), the unit is dB/mW. Like the impedance, the smaller the sensitivity, the better the drive, and the higher the effect, the better.
Frequency response: The sensitivity value corresponding to the frequency is the frequency response. The range that human hearing can reach is about 20Hz-20000Hz. Two lines at 200Hz and 6000Hz can be divided into three sections, which are called high frequency, medium frequency and low frequency. The IF is the most sensitive frequency band for human ear sensing, and it is also the most important frequency band for headphone performance. The IF performance is poor. No matter how high frequency and low frequency performance is, it is not a good pair of headphones.
Sound quality: Sound quality, that is, the quality of sound. When you first hear a certain voice, it is the concept that you feel "good and no impurities". Sound quality is the most basic term for evaluating headphones.
Tone: The tone is the color of the sound, also known as the "sound", is one of the basic attributes of the sound. There is a "cold and warm" point, you can also use "soft and hard" to describe. For example, erhu and pipa are two different timbres.
Range: The range between the lowest and highest sounds is the “sound range”.
Sound field: Describe the "sound field" will be described by the three dimensions of "height", "broadness" and "depth". The popular point is the spatial sense of sound. A good "sound field" can make people immersive.
Sound Dyeing: The opposite of the natural neutrality of music, that is, the sound is dyed with features that are not available in the program itself. For example, the sound that is heard in a jar is a typical sound.
Layering: The layering is also well understood. It is the ability to distinguish the sounds of different instruments when restoring sound through headphones.
Resolving power: Resolving power is an ability to show changes in the details of sound. But it is worth noting that the good resolution is not equal to the sense of hierarchy.
Distortion: The output of the device cannot be exactly the same as its input, and the distortion of the waveform or the increase or decrease of the signal occurs.
Transient response: refers to the ability of the equipment to follow the sudden signal in the music. The representative of the instrument is the piano, which means that the sound is falling, and the sound is extinguished.
Signal-to-noise ratio: Also known as the signal-to-noise ratio, the effective component of the sound signal is compared with the strength of the impurity component, often expressed in decibels. The higher the signal-to-noise ratio of the device, the less noise it produces.
Wearing articles
The headwear is divided into closed, open and semi-closed. Closed sound insulation is better, but it is easy to have barrel sound (the mouth speaks to the barrel, the feeling of depression and echo is barrel sound); the open sound field is more natural and atmospheric, but the sound is not good; semi-closed (semi-open type) ) is the first two of the more moderate choices.


 Flat plug type: Flat head earplugs are generally comfortable to wear and soundproof.


 In-ear type: In-ear earphones, the sound insulation is better, the wearing is easy to cause discomfort, and the sanitary treatment is not easy to cause ear canal infection.


 Rear-mounted: The general sports-type headphones are mainly rear-mounted, and the wearing is relatively firm, and the sound quality is usually more general.


 Customized: According to the shape of each person's ear canal, custom-made earphone shell, wearing comfort is a matter of opinion. Of course, the price of custom headphones is not what the average player is willing to bear.


 Optional articles


 Personal needs influence selection
The first thing to be clear is what location or environment you use to buy headphones. For example, if you just pass the time on the subway on your way to work, then a headset with good portability and good sound insulation is your "no choice"; in addition, different headphones will show different weights in different musical styles. There is no such thing as a headset that can hold all the music styles; there are also "appearance control" friends, the only factor considered is the headset value. Therefore, it is especially important to choose on demand.
Front-end drive impact selection
First, for example, someone can't complete the 60Kg push in the gym, but 50Kg is barely finished, and pushing 30Kg is a trivial matter. This is like the front-end player can push the headphones, pushing or pushing is not satisfactory, and just pushing can be perfect. Therefore, when purchasing a headset, you should first clear your own playback front end. As the saying goes, "Looking for a horse."
Market sales impact selection
Speaking of this, I have to mention that there is a "conformity" mentality in many consumer concepts. First of all, I don't know much about it, and I don't know what kind of headphones I need. Then I started to "gold rush" on the Internet, and finally I saw a "heart and soul" headset, and hurriedly forked. There are countless examples of disappointment after a full expectation.
Even if there are many people who buy, but some people will not be satisfied, who can guarantee that you are not one of them?
Listen to play influence selection
"Without practice, there is no right to speak." In fact, buying headphones is also the reason. Even if the people say it, it is also the feelings and choices of others. The standard for judging the sound of each person's ear is also very different. The safest way is to find the real thing and listen to it with your favorite music style. Finally, you can find the right one.
Budget range impact selection
After you have identified your needs, you have to look at your pocket. Although everyone knows the truth of "a penny and a share of goods", it is obviously a "not to be seen" approach to make yourself sleepy for a weekday fun. In general, different price ranges, the honesty shown by the headset will match its price.
Purchase channel impact selection
For the channel to buy headphones, many people will be obsessed with foreign Haitao, purchasing or parallel headphones. For them, it is unfortunate that they think that the same price can buy better headphones. However, have you thought about the quality of headphones and the maintenance of the later period? Of course, each person's point of view is different, and the concept of "authentic licensed" cannot be forcibly instilled. Just want a weak friendship reminder - "and buy and cherish."
Of course, the last thing to say is that although the headset is a penny, but you still have to buy according to your own needs and spending power, you may also consider the reliable Haitao channel to buy.


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