Why burn in new mobile in ear headphones

The person that likes car all knows, new car has run-in period, run-in period passes, car each part is finalized.If the owner of the car in the run-in period of improper use, then after the run-in period, the car more or less there will be some problems.The same goes for mobile in ear headphones.


As the components inside mobile in ear headphones are new, they are in an "immature" state until they are used, and their sound quality is not mature enough.The purpose of the cooker is to make these components run together and reach a balanced and mature state, so as to stabilize the sound quality performance.Before the boiler, the diaphragm folding ring is not in good mechanical alignment, with large distortion, and the proud bass cannot be played out, and the diving force is not enough.Afrter burn in mobile in ear headphones works perfectly.Earphones do allow the sound to mature more quickly and steadily, to the level it should be.https://www.uiisiib2b.com


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