What about UiiSii headphones? How can I achieve the best sound quality? How much do you know how to use your mobile phone to pic

Mobile phones actually have a lot of unexpected uses, such as HiFi players often toss the "downtime", you can use mobile phones to do. The so-called "downtime" refers to the new state of the earphones / speakers, by playing a specific audio, so that the diaphragm wear-in aging to achieve a steady state. A lot of HiFi old burning believes that the downtime can get better sound quality. So how do you get down the phone? This is to introduce you to several apps, let's take a look.
Impulse audio signal generator


Impulse Audio Signal Generator Software Version: 1.1Android Software View Now
The reason why the machine uses white noise and pink noise is because this kind of audio can make the diaphragm vibrate at full frequency and the efficiency is relatively high. However, some enthusiasts are accustomed to using only a certain frequency of audio to take the opportunity, some people believe that this is more targeted. And this Impulse audio signal generator is an app that can emit sounds of various frequencies.


Can set the sound to emit a certain frequency
The Impulse audio signal generator is also very simple to use. Once turned on, you can input audio at a certain frequency for playback. Yes, this app can play the audio frequency of the sound you input, and the playability is very high. In addition, the APP also presets frequency bands for other sounds, such as anti-mosquito frequency bands (which should not be used), dog whistle bands and user-defined frequency bands, whether used for downtime or for other purposes such as hearing. This app is worth playing.


Sonic cleaning master
Sonic Cleaner Master Software Version: 1.3.0Android Software View Now
This is a domestic APP with a lot of features, and the downtime is just one of the selling points. Just like its name, the app's main function is to use sound waves for various cleaning, such as drainage, dust removal, etc., along with the function of downtime and sleep aid.
The master of sound wave cleaning said that the principle of sound vibration can be used to shock the water in the mobile phone to achieve "drainage"; it can also be shaken off by the sound of the speaker, so as to achieve "dust removal", which can solve broken sounds, etc. problem. In addition, there is a downtime function. The Sonic Cleanup Master APP presets the audio used for the downtime. It is a full-range downtime audio of the noise type. After switching to the corresponding interface, the audio can be played down, and it is not difficult to use.
The sonic cleaning master is mainly responsible for drainage and dust removal, but also has the function of downtime.
However, this sonic cleaning master has applied for more permissions, which is considered a common problem of domestic APP. If you are worried about privacy and other issues, then think twice.
to sum up
Although the sound quality of most mobile phones is not brilliant, it is more than enough to use headphones. If you have purchased a new headset and want to get your headset into the state quickly, try these apps. As for whether the downtime is really useful, I will wait for you to verify it yourself.


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