UiiSii tells you three ways to crash

Naturally: As the name implies, you don't have to go to it, just listen to the type you like, listen to the songs, listen to the sound in the normal headphone volume for 10 hours, then listen to the song at the normal volume, while listening to the side, while squatting The earphones lick their ears for a long time, the headphones are used to it, and the headphones are ready.


Noise : white noise, pink noise, simply say a sound, similar to the sound of the radio no signal, what frequency, you can go to Baidu in detail, generally random white noise or pink noise Segment, the volume is not too big, put 1 minute to stop for 5 seconds, rest for a few hours a day, so that it will be played continuously for one week.



Software :  headphones are popular, many people may be interested in the interest, perhaps the benefit of the production of  headset software, so that the operation of headset automation, such headphones usually use white, pink noise, Zheng Xuan wave, triangle wave and the like Shut down the sound source, automatically down according to the set rules.http://www.uiisiib2b.com/


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