UiiSii DT200 Subwoofer double dynamic headphones

Choosing this headset is completely recommended and shared by many headphones on the smzdm. They all say that headphones below 500 yuan can be selected at will. For the rookie + tangled madman, I really can’t wait for each one to come. Only then, after tangled for more than a month, after patiently exhausted, I still feel into this headset. (I feel that it is only a moment of impulsive...)
Usually it is when the dog is walking or can't sleep to listen to the lullaby, so the request is not too high, the purchase channel is the Tmall flagship store, which is very cheap in my opinion.

Appearance Gallery
Express delivery arrived in two days, it is almost speedy, get the courier to be taken down in the community downstairs, thinking about the light is good to hurry.




 I bought a couple, and the two gadgets are a bit Q, haha...


 Headphone box


 I like this THANK YOU - headphone bag


 Open the package


 I love the color of red and black, the headphone cord has a certain matte feel.


 The back of the earplugs is actually not very beautiful, the 3.5 stars are good-looking.





Very intimate with 5 sizes of earplugs, I have not studied which one is more suitable for me.


 I saw this 120° earplug design for the first time, I feel very fresh, and it feels very good for our ear canal design.


 I love this L-shaped design, I feel that the headphone interface will not be so easy to break.


 feeling of using
Because it is an in-ear earphone, I am afraid that it is uncomfortable. I have just used it for an hour. I still haven’t felt uncomfortable. I have a little bit of ear, which may be the reason why the earplugs are big. I will study the feelings of different earplugs.
This headset officially plays the heavy bass, so the first song listens to the electronic music [five hours], the subwoofer is really very good, for the rookie I am still quite unexpected, the drums are a bit mixed, not the kind Simply (forgive me for such an unprofessional expression...) Overall the reverb is a bit too big. The second song chose the popular song Jin Xiao's [Little Lucky], the vocals are more prominent, but the accompaniment part always feels too late, and then the mix is ​​so big, I don't know if my feelings can be described, listen to the popular The song is still ok. The third one chose the music sheet that was often insomnia, and what the stream was, but it felt very cool.
After that, random play began, summarizing the first experience of this headset:
Advantages: The bass is good, listening to pure music or electronic music is quite suitable;
The sound insulation of the earphones is very good. After wearing them, the sound of the outside world is basically unable to enter, suitable for friends who need to enjoy music quietly;
The headphones don't look very good, haha ​​(should know why I didn't put on the photos), if you are looking for the value, you can give up this.
Ok, the first experience is over, let me try the earbud size~~!http://www.uiisiib2b.com/


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