Two advantages of using mobile in ear headphones to listen to music

Mobile in ear headphones on the basis of ordinary headphones, the gel plug is inserted into the ear canal for better airtightness. Greatly increased the performance of the headphones, this tightness generally provides two functions:


(1) High quality stereo headphones to reduce the interference of external noise on music.
(2) Providing a closed environment that greatly reduces leakage. From a practical point of view - in a noisy environment; you can enjoy music with a relatively low volume that is unaffected. a: increase the low-frequency texture and volume; b: increase the performance of the music details. These earphones will be connected to the earmuffs and inserted into the front half of the ear canal to create a sealed hearing environment. And many of the high-end bass Stereo mobile in ear headphones even customize the mold for the customer's ear to provide the best comfort and perfect sound insulation.

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