The spread of lossless music UiiSii HI 820 graphene unit headphones

With the rapid development of intelligence, there are more and more enjoyable resources in the life. As a music enthusiast, the desire is to experience the pure, in-ear can understand the true meaning of music. "The audio equipment, so I started to experience the latest UiiSii headphones. UiiSii professional headphones have been focusing on the development of headphones for many years. The latest HI-820 is made of graphene unit diaphragm design, which has won many praises for its outstanding sound effects.



The product is packaged in a white-lined cardboard box. The front of the package has a pattern of the product, so that when you first see it, you will know the style of the product. Hi-820 is printed in the lower left corner. Model name and highlights, etc. The packaging is simple and exquisite, the design of the "skylight" on the back of the package is more novel. You can see the earplugs and the detailed parameters and specifications of the earplugs on the back of the package. See the product parameters, the impedance of the moving coil unit used in the earplug is 32 ohms, which makes it easy for a typical mobile phone to control it, plus I use the amp to match it, which is perfect for its use. In the lower right corner, you can see CE, FC and ROHS (representing its adoption of the EU mandatory certification standard, the “Restriction on the use of certain harmful components in electrical and electronic equipment”, so the safety is very secure. ) and so on.

There are many accessories and accessories attached to the product. There are earphones, storage pockets, manuals, certificates and 2 sets of earplugs. The HI-820 earphones are equipped with wire control and are 1.2 meters long. They are used as a portable device. Speaking, the length is just right (the headphone cable is too long will affect the sound quality), plus the different specifications of the earplug holster to match, so that we can easily find the right one for use. The storage pocket with the product is tightly sealed, so that the earphone can be safely placed inside and not easily fall out. It is reported that this headset has three color schemes, namely wise black, sapphire blue and classic silver. The earphones in use are sapphire blue models. The unique design of the plug head is unique and novel, and the blue bottom is matched. There is a "starry" stainless steel mesh tuning hole that makes it look more emotional.

In accordance with the ergonomic design concept, combined with the inspiration of the power locomotive design, the earplug cavity shell is made of aerospace aluminum material, the surface is subjected to fine sanding treatment and secondary anodizing processing, and the edge is treated by multi-angle precision cutting process. To ensure that the product has a very high appearance. As a headphone designed with a graphene unit diaphragm, this is its biggest highlight. The unique patented technology constitutes a graphene speaker, which makes the bass thick and not turbid, and the sound is clear and thorough, making the drum sound dive. Deeper, the layering is stronger, and the treble is more clear and bright. The earphone is designed as a slanted in-ear design, which makes the in-ear wearing more firm and comfortable. It is not just like the earphones, it is simply hanging on the edge of the ear, and it will not fall out because of turning or jogging or fitness.

The function of the HI-820 headphone line control board is designed with volume adjustment, track switching and pause start, and answering the phone. The front brand logo is equipped with a microphone. These are secondary, mainly the buttons and the line control board. Very solid, very delicate, smooth in appearance, clear and powerful buttons. The earphones are made of enamelled copper wire and wrapped with TPE outer layer. It is not easy to be folded and entangled. It is super flexible and resistant to pulling. The plug part is made of 3.5mm gold-plated plug, which makes the audio connection smoother.



The next job is to take the opportunity. A good earplug is a must-have after starting the machine. For those who love music, they must be very familiar with the downtime, and Qukuli is ready to take the opportunity. The lossless music has come in handy. In general, the downtime is like a newly bought car. It needs to have a running-in period. Some people talk about earplugs and feel the sound field is boring, and they don’t realize what the bass is. There is also a thorn sound on the frequency, which is the problem that does not occur when the earplugs are down. After the machine is about 100~200 minutes, the sound of the earphones is really different. For the listening of pop music, it is very enjoyable. During the listening process, it feels that its low frequency potential is large enough and very texture. The details of the vocalization on the medium and high frequency are also clear.






The performance in terms of vocals is relatively stable and thick, and there is no murmur. When listening to soft songs, you can find many details in many songs, and the audio details are good. When listening to Tsai Chin's lossless music, the low-frequency dive is deep, the bass is low, and the atmosphere of the song is outstanding. It is easy to bring people into that mood. Compared with the high-frequency aspect, the performance of the HI-820 is relatively stretched, and the song is sharp and sharp, and it is very quiet and powerful. The rivers and lakes with soft and soft taste are very natural. In the low, medium and high frequency performances, the HI-820 has a solid and powerful performance, which brings a multi-level performance to the listening of music, so that people can enjoy the true meaning of music.


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