The concept can pick a good mobile in ear headphones

There are thousands of headphones on the market. Most people will not pursue any kind of problems when purchasing mobile in ear headphones. However, with the arrival of this wave of consumption upgrades, it is necessary to find out the types of headphones so that they can be selected. More suitable for your own headphones that can bring a better sense of hearing.
The most common mobile in ear headphones on the market today are nothing more than two categories: moving iron headphones and moving ring headphones. Generally speaking, dynamic headphones are better than moving iron headphones or moving iron headphones are better than dynamic headphones, which is wrong. Both have their own areas of expertise. Next, let's take a closer look at the two.

Read the dynamic headphones in one minute
The most common headphones on the market are dynamic headphones. Whether it is high-end headphones or entry-level products, earbuds or head-mounted, dynamic headphones are the absolute mainstream form, because the dynamic headphones are not limited by the unit area, the diaphragm size can be larger, so its size is Very free.
The simple principle of the dynamic earphone can be summarized as follows: the design of the moving coil unit uses a current to flow through the coil to generate a magnetic field, and then the magnetic field and the material of the permanent magnet interact with each other to cause the diaphragm to vibrate to generate sound. That is to say, in the dynamic headphones, the electrical signal is converted into a magnetic signal, and then the interaction between the magnetic fields promotes the sound of the diaphragm.


It is precisely because of the principle of sounding the dynamic headphones, the dynamic headphones are more smooth in the connection of low frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency, and the sound field is also loose and natural. Dynamic headphones make the bass performance even better. However, the slow response is also a big problem, and the dynamic headphones will inevitably have a little distortion when converting electrical signals into magnetic signals. The details are not very accurate.
One minute to read the moving iron headphones
Moving iron headphones actually have a long history. It was first applied to the earpiece of the telephone, and later applied to hearing aids. It has only been widely used in music headphones for more than a decade, and it has been a long time accumulation.
According to Baidu Encyclopedia's explanation, the principle of sounding the moving iron earphones is transmitted to the center point of a miniature diaphragm through a structurally rigid connecting rod, thereby generating vibration and sound. Explain that there is a piece of iron inside the moving iron earphone unit, which is directly connected to the diaphragm plate and is transmitted to the center point of a micro-seismic film through a structurally rigid connecting rod to sound. That is to say, the moving iron unit iron piece generates vibration of different frequencies by the change of the magnetic field brought about by the over-current of the coil, and directly connects the diaphragm to sound.

It is equivalent to one less magnetic field than the dynamic ring earphone, and the reaction is also more rapid. It also makes the moving iron earphones have a higher resolution in essence, but the sound field is also sacrificed.
The moving iron earphones are much smaller and can be easily placed in the ear canal and can be placed deeper. At present, the moving iron unit brand is dominated by the Wu's moving iron unit. Many manufacturers of moving iron earphones use the Gun's moving iron unit, and then polish and adjust the headphones and produce headphones.
Because of the limitation of the principle of sound generation, the moving iron earphone can only be designed as a closed structure, and for earplugs, it is impossible to adopt an open type and a head-mounted type.
Dynamic ring headphones and moving iron headphones
Through the introduction of the two parts of the moving circle and the moving iron, you should know what is the moving circle and what is the moving iron. In order to help everyone understand the difference between the two, we will compare the following main dimensions:
Resolving power
In terms of resolving power, the moving iron earphones undoubtedly have a greater advantage, and the details of the sound restoration are more in place. Moreover, compared to dynamic headphones, moving iron headphones are also richer in the performance of sound layering. Therefore, friends who are nitpicking for details can consider moving iron headphones. For example, when you listen to songs, you are very interested in listening to some kind of instrument.
2. Frequency response speed
Moving iron headphones are more responsive. The vibration efficiency is also high. Because the moving iron unit is almost a closed frontal container, it can be driven with only a small current, and the transient performance is faster and the sensitivity is better. This aspect can also be classified as a difference in detail. But I can't hear much difference when I listen.
3. Frequency response range
The dynamic earphones can smoothly connect the high, medium and low frequency bands, and the dynamic performance of the moving coil on the bass is even better. Moreover, it is said that the good dynamic structure earphone can even break through the listening range of the human ear to achieve a wider frequency response. range. However, moving iron headphones have checked a lot in the frequency response range.

4. Sound insulation effect
Because of its small size, moving iron headphones can be placed deeper in the ear canal. The dynamic earphones are large in size, and the air participates in vibration during the sounding process. Therefore, in combination with the two, the sound insulation effect of the moving iron headphones is almost crushed. The sound noise reduction performance of good soundproof headphones can reach tens of decibels, which is unmatched by dynamic headphones.
5. Hearing
Knowing that there is a netizen of has a very vivid summary of the two headphones:
Listening to the human voice, the vocals and music is a prairie, wide and comfortable but the vocals are not so prominent; the moving iron, the vocals will highlight and the music, delicate and comfortable
Listening to rock and roll, the whole is not so harsh, the balance bar is better; moving iron to listen to rock, it looks cold and harsh.


6. Price
Because of the complicated manufacturing process, the moving iron earphones are more expensive, and the cheapest ones are also worth hundreds of yuan. But what is the price of the dynamic headphones?
Therefore, the choice of which type of mobile in ear headphones to use is not necessarily absolute, but it depends on the preferences of listening to music and the pursuit of sound performance. I hope the above can help you all.


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