The UiiSii team teaches you how to play a 20 headset with a sound quality of 1000

Walkman fans often have a good pair of headphones, but when they start using it, they don’t find out like other people.
Is it so good, is it that I bought fakes? Not also! In fact, it was because there was no first job after the purchase.
Preface .

Newly bought headphones, I feel good. However, compared with the same type of earplugs used by friends for a period of time, it is always unsatisfactory. The bass is tight and stiff, the midrange is not soft and full, and the treble is full of treble. Why is this so? Because this new headset has not been smashed!

So, what is a headset? Everyone knows that new cars, machines, etc., must pass through a stage called "run-in" before normal use, so that the internal mechanical devices can fully coordinate and advance to the optimal state. The size of the headphone unit is equivalent to the parallel value of the two capacitors of the diaphragm and the voice coil, which is the key to determining the sound quality.
There are a lot of good headphones, but the best for you is the best.

So, how do you pick up your headphones? A very simple method that used to be popular is to connect it directly to the radio and adjust it to a radio-free frequency. Use the "beep" sound (pink noise) from the radio to let the headphones work for a long time to achieve the effect of the downtime. . But using this method is not obvious, it is better to wear headphones directly to listen to music so faster.
It is also useful to use a special frequency generator to generate a fixed or scanned frequency and then input it to the earphone. This method is more effective and the time used can be shortened a lot. But most players don't have this type of instrument, so what should I do? What method is the most efficient way to use headphones? Today, with the rapid development of computers, many enthusiasts have compiled some programs to use the computer to process some waveforms and frequencies, and output them through the sound card to achieve the effect of some real frequency generating instruments. This is called "virtual instrument". There are a lot of frequency testing software like this. I am using a software called Test Tone Generator, which is easy to use, functional, and small. Let's talk about how to use it to pick up headphones.

Downtime is generally done with low frequencies. So, just set ttg to low frequency. There are two ways, one is to use a fixed frequency output; the other is to use the scanning frequency. The effect is almost fixed frequency of the down method is to input a value in the FREQUENCY of the fixed frequency output (CONSTANT TONE), generally 20 to 50, but also select LOOP, DURATION time does not matter, the waveform uses SINE (sine wave) The gain is 0 DB, then you can plug in the sound card and let it work for a long time.
The scanning frequency method is to input the starting frequency with the INITIAL FREQUENCY of the scanning frequency (SWEEP), and the ending frequency of the input in FINAL FREQUENCY. Generally speaking, it is more suitable from 20HZ to 100HZ, DURATION time is the time used to set the scanning once, then other The operation is the same as the fixed frequency. Many friends have asked me why I only woo low frequency. In fact, from the principle of the downtime described above, you can know why.



If ttg does not come, use the box tool version 1.0

There are two points to note in the process of squatting: First, you can't work continuously for too long! Because there is resistance in the voice coil, it will heat up after working for a long time, and it will burn the voice coil if it is not good! It is best to stop for a few minutes every two hours and then continue. Second, the volume should not be too large. The earplug diaphragm is a very fragile material. If the volume is large, the movement of the voice coil will be large, which will cause the diaphragm to be loosened, causing the voice coil to loosen, the diaphragm to be deformed or even torn. and many more. Especially the "fragile" earplugs like 888 are even more careful. When adjusting, just adjust the sound wave that can be clearly heard or the vibration of the air. Do not adjust it too much and hear the vibration of the diaphragm. Take care to protect your headphones.

The last thing to emphasize is that not all headphones will sound good, which is determined by the quality of the headphones themselves. Some of the effects of the headphones are not obvious, which is normal. The purpose of our downtime is to help it quickly pass the aging adjustment period to stabilize the physical characteristics of its components. The earphone vibration system that has not been smashed may be tight and hard. By smashing the machine, the vibration system can be relaxed and the parameters are stabilized, so the sound quality will be better. Also, don't think about the effect of the downtime. It will not be too obvious after a while. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. To have a good sound, mainly look at equipment such as audio sources.


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