New sports neckband headphones how to burn in headphones

1.Mobile in ear headphones use normal test music (or fm music station) to play continuously for 12 to 24 hours at 30%-40%.


2. Take a day off and then choose to play different styles of music for 5-10 hours in a row, including vocals, symphonies, electronic music, pop music, etc.

3.Mobile in ear headphones choose your favorite cd and try it for 1-2 hours with a larger volume (80-90%).


4. Resume the medium volume to play soft music for about 5 hours, such as piano music, the machine is basically completed. 5. Generally bought mobile in ear headphones for the first week is downtime, the sound quality of the headphones is basically 90% in one month, after 6 months (2 hours a day), the headset is already the best state.



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