I didn't expect the Cheap in ear earphones to hide these cold knowledge and I was very open minded

Although wireless Bluetooth headsets have become popular in the past two years, most people still use wired headsets. Many people think that a Cheap in ear earphones is nothing more than a wire that can make a sound. In fact, the seemingly ordinary earphones actually have a lot of hidden cold knowledge.
What is the hole in the earphone used for?
If you are careful enough, you can find that in addition to the sound hole on the earphone, there are often a few small holes in the back. What are these holes used for?


In fact, these small holes are very popular. They have a name called "tuning hole". Yes, it is used to adjust the sound.
Everyone knows that the reason why headphones can sound is because the built-in speaker makes sound waves into the air to make sound through the resonance of the earphones and electromagnets. The cavity structure of the earphone is completely closed except for the sound outlet, so that the vibration of the vertebral body will increase the pressure inside the earphone, which in turn will hinder the vibration of the speaker.
This time you need the tuning hole to work. The tuning hole allows air to flow freely through the speaker, which not only prevents pressure build-up, but also creates better sound quality and bass.

These tuning holes are made up of tuning nets and tuning cotton, so don't use sharp objects to chop these holes for curiosity, otherwise your headphones may be scrapped...
In addition, the tuning hole can also be used to identify the true and false headphones, such as holding these holes while listening to songs, if the music has not changed, then your headphones should be cottage.
What is the difference between L and R for Cheap in ear earphones?
As we all know, the headphones will be divided into two channels, L and R. L is "left"; that is, the left channel, R is "right", is the right channel, but do you know why it is so?
First of all, because our left and right ear structures are different, so that the wearer has a better experience, the earphones are also designed in a slightly different form to adapt to the structure of the ear. If you wear it for a long time, your ears will feel uncomfortable and affect the listening experience.
Secondly, when people make music, they usually use two microphones to record the sound according to the left and right channels, which ensures the high reproducibility of the playback. For example, the L end accepts the sound of the left channel, and the R end accepts the sound of the right channel, and the cooperation of the left and right channels can also create a stereo sound. If you listen to the song without dividing the left and right channels, you will not be able to enjoy the most beautiful sound quality.

Finally, people need to distinguish the space, level and direction of the sound source through the left and right ears, and the left and right channels of the headphones also play a similar role. Especially when playing games with headphones, the player can correctly perceive the position of the other party through the left and right channels of the headphones, thereby improving the authenticity and experience of the game.


Why are the earphone cables entangled in a group?
In fact, this is because the headphone cable consists of thermoplastic elastomer and wire, which is very soft in itself, and the length and width ratios are easily out of tune, so the headphone cable is very unstable. In addition, when the headphone cable is carried around, the inertia may also cause swaying, which makes the headphone cord more easily entangled into a ball.


To solve this dilemma, you can use a little trick.
First fix the earbuds with your thumb and forefinger, then wrap the earphone cord around the index finger and the little finger in a figure of eight. Wait until the earphone cable has a small portion, then tie the previous earphone cable along the middle of the figure eight, and finally the earphone. The end of the thread is worn in the figure eight and tightened.

This is not afraid that the headphone cable is always entangled into a ball, and the next time you use it, just pull the end of the headphone cable and spread it easily, it is very convenient.

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