How to pick headphones?

Presumably everyone has their own selection criteria. But with the rapid advancement of science and technology, more and more new types of headphones, and then use the old standard, the choice of headphones has also begun to be difficult: the concept is not clear, can not make a choice. So this time, the author collected ten questions about the selection, use and sound of headphones, and answered them in a concentrated way. I hope to give you a reference!
Then there is not much to say, let's look at the first question...
Wearing headphones can damage your hearing?


 This is also the saying that "earphones damage hearing" has been raging recently. I think that hearing loss is all heard by headphones.
However, it is not necessary to regard the headphones as "flooding beasts". In fact, it forgot to write four words in front of it - "incorrectly." Listening to the song with headphones at a large volume for a long time, and the auditory nerve stimulation of the eardrum is large, which is likely to cause damage to the hearing.


 Therefore, when wearing headphones, it is best to follow the "60-60" principle, that is, each time you wear headphones to listen to music for less than 60 minutes, the volume of music should not exceed 60% of the total volume.
Moreover, if you are using in-ear headphones, remember to clean the headphones regularly to avoid infecting your ear canal, causing itching or inflammation of the ear canal, affecting hearing.
Then, there is also a derivative problem, that is...
Can active noise canceling headphones damage your hearing?

Noise is very common in our lives. Most of the daily noise is the sound of the middle and low frequency, such as the subway, high-speed rail and noise on the plane. The previous traditional noise canceling headphones were passive "squeaky ears".
In other words, wearing it, you can not hear the noise, you can't hear it! The horns and the leaders who cross the road can't hear you, and there is a big safety hazard!



Bose QC35II Active Noise Reduction Headphones

Then, the active noise canceling headphones turned out: it is not passively shielding the noise, but actively emits a sound opposite to the noise phase, which interferes with the noise in the ear. Compared with traditional earphones, the advantage of active noise canceling headphones is that it can eliminate the common noise in daily life without affecting the higher frequency vocals and warning sounds.
However, some people have raised doubts that the noise emitted by the earphones with active noise reduction will affect the hearing.
In fact, active noise canceling headphones are definitely good for hearing. This is due to the masking effect of hearing. The sound you want to hear must be louder than the environment.
For example, if you are in a noisy environment, the noise environment is 70 decibels. At least you have to put the music at 75 decibels or 80 decibels to suppress the noise. You can hear it if the ambient noise is only 30. Decibel, then 45 decibels of music can be heard clearly, indirectly let your volume down.
And this is the benefit of noise-cancelling headphones~
The same is the earphones, for the sale of dozens, some tens of thousands?


 This problem will generally resonate with most people: for the appearance of headphones, the same is the same, there are dozens of dollars, and some hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands? Is it because of the brand, want to hang my money?
The difference between the price of headphones is mainly due to the difference between the two aspects:
First, the earphone materials and workmanship are different. For example, A earphones use ordinary diaphragm, ordinary copper wire, dynamic ring earphone; B earphone uses graphene diaphragm, single crystal oxygen-free copper wire, four moving iron earphones, different materials, of course, the cost is not One.


 Uiisii ​​Yunshi BN90 four times sound moving iron headphones
Because high-end headphones will use good quality metal materials for the cavity or wire, plus the quality control of the brand headphones is very good, so a pair of headphones sold thousands of tens of thousands of prices, it is not difficult to understand.
The second is headphone tuning and brand premium. No matter whether the earphone is a moving coil, a moving iron or a ring iron, it needs to be tuned. The tuning style presents different preference differences according to the brand and the tuning person. For example, Senhai is classical, and Baiya is qualitatively analyzed. These are undoubtedly Headphones add color.
The brand premium is simple: my brand will dare to bid. In order to recharge the faith, how can you call for burning money?
Can the sound quality of wireless headphones really achieve HiFi?
Unfortunately, the current wireless headset can only be infinitely close to "HiFi", but can not really achieve the "HiFi" fever.
Most of the current wireless headsets are Bluetooth headsets. The sound signals are transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth. They all have the process of “sound compression” and then “decode”. In this case, the problem of packet loss is inevitable, and the sound quality is greatly reduced.
Although some wireless headsets now support high-quality audio transmission technologies such as APTX, AAC, and LDAC, they are still a bit worse than true wired devices.
If you say that the wireless headset has a "HiFi" sound quality, it doesn't need to be a lie. The comparison is not the same. Compared to similar products, it may be really "HiFi"!
What is the bone conduction earphone?
The concept that has been new in these two years, in fact, hundreds of years ago, some people used bone conduction headphones to listen to songs.


 The first person with bone conduction headphones - Beethoven!
Bone conduction headphones do not need air conduction, but pass through the skull to the auditory center. There is almost no noise and noise during transmission, so the sound is much clearer than air conduction, even at a small volume. Bone conduction headphones are ideal for sports wear.


 How bone conduction headphones work
However, the technology of bone conduction headphones is not yet mature, and there are sound quality problems, noisy environments, and leaks. Therefore, it is best for the audience spectators to wait and see.
Will AirPods2 implement touch? What features will be equipped?
The news of AirPods2 always makes the fruit powder excited for a long time. But what can the new generation of AirPods2 carry? Is it a brain to add the good features of the current headphones? Obviously this is not Apple's style.



For AirPods2 upgrades, in addition to the regular firmware upgrade (Bluetooth 5.0), the piggyback feature may be more focused on the linkage experience of other products, such as Apple Watch's auxiliary monitoring, and better support for Siri voice independent arousal. Don't expect too much, simple and purely done, is what Apple originally wanted.
Also, the price should not be set too high, so as not to sell and cut prices and face...
What is the Bluetooth decoding amp? How is the sound quality better than a wireless headset?
This should be regarded as another option after the mobile phone cancels the earphone hole. Instead of switching to the wireless headset camp, it adds a "bridge" to transmit the sound signal, so that the wired earphones on the hand can also be "wireless". This is the Bluetooth decoding ear. Let go of the effect.


 Flying proud BTR1K Bluetooth decoding amp
Bluetooth decoding amps generally support compression decoding technology of various high-definition audio sources, so the sound experience of Bluetooth decoding amp + wired headphones is definitely greater than wireless headphones. If your new phone does not have a headphone jack, but you don't want to abandon the good headphones that have been with you for many years, Bluetooth decoding amp is a good choice!
The bigger the headphone unit, the better the sound quality?
As a publicity gimmick for headphones, businesses always blow like this. But the sound quality and the size of the headphone unit do not really matter much. The size of the headphone unit determines its size, and the unit determines how much it weights.
The sound quality of the headphones is to be comprehensively considered. The material of the headphones, the workmanship technology and the tuning frequency will have a great impact on the sound quality of the headphones.


 Uiisii ​​T6 double moving coil HiFi headphones
Even if the earphones are a moving circle, they can become classics if they are done well. If there are too many moving iron units, the tri-band will be confused. Therefore, if there are conditions, it is best to buy a headset to listen to the line, the best is the best.
Is power, impedance, sensitivity and headphone sound quality necessarily related?
The impedance and sensitivity of the earphone determine whether the earphone is good to push (that is, the sound effect is presented). The larger the impedance and the smaller the sensitivity, the harder it is to push the earphone. That is to say, if you want to get the same volume, you have to open more power. Conversely, the impedance is higher. The smaller, more sensitive headphones are better pushed.
The frequency response range determines the range of sound frequencies that the headset can respond to, that is, how much frequency the headset can emit. These three are just for you to refer to on the parameter level, and have nothing to do with the sound quality.
What is ASMR?
ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), a written explanation called "spontaneous perceptual meridian response", is a new word used to describe the phenomenon of perception. Through the stimulation of sight, hearing, touch, smell or perception, it makes the person in the skull. A unique, pleasant sensation in the inner, scalp, back or other areas of the body.


 Video about ASMR on the tubing (Source: Marvel at Life)
ASMR is mainly used in auditory applications, such as tearing paper, the sound of crispy fried chicken, the "sweet" sound of barbecue, or the voice of Miss Sister's voice, which will make them "cranial orgasm" and call "Good Su Yeah!"
However, ASMR has little or no scientific explanation or experimental data to support this phenomenon. At most, ASMR is the “sound” pleasing behavior that triggers the viewer's synchronous perception. ASMR is also different from person to person, just like hearing the sound of fried chicken, "tempting" and "greasy", just between thoughts~


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