How to choose best sports neckband headphones

In recent years, sports and fitness have become a trend, and accordingly, sports Bluetooth headsets are unwittingly popular. And there are so many sports Bluetooth headsets on the market, what kind of headphones can be regarded as a best sports neckband headphones?
1, waterproof and sweatproof
      During exercise, the body will inevitably sweat, and many components in the sweat will damage the headphones. Seriously, the headphones will be scrapped. Especially for sports headphones, only those with IPX4 or higher waterproof performance. In order to effectively avoid the erosion of sweat and rain, IPX4 waterproof performance is a must for best sports neckband headphones.


2, lightweight and easy to carry
      When exercising, not only hope that the equipment is lighter and better, but also hope that the equipment on the body is small and easy to carry, so that there is no sense of burden and heavy weight. Therefore, for the best sports neckband headphones, it is light, compact, convenient to store, not The characteristics that affect the movement are also necessary.
3, comfortable to wear
      The firmness and comfort of wearing is also very important. If the earphone suddenly falls during the exercise, it will disrupt the rhythm of the movement and severely break the earphone. If such a thing happens, it is also a very crashing thing to think about. Therefore, for the best sports neckband headphones, it is a must-have feature for stable wearing and not easy to fall off.


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