Don't think that high prices are good headphones UiiSii teaches you how to distinguish high quality headphones?

The push unit of the headphones (the speaker inside the earphone) is also a mechanical device. It should be a semi-mechanical and semi-electronic combination. It is mainly composed of a voice coil, a diaphragm, a positioning ring (a metal ring for fixing the diaphragm). The mechanical part is a compliant system, including the diaphragm and the voice coil attached to the diaphragm. A compliant component can be equivalent to a capacitor in an electronic component. A capacitor stores electrical energy, and a diaphragm and a voice coil store kinetic energy. The size of the headphone unit is equivalent to the parallel value of the two capacitors of the diaphragm and the voice coil, which is the key to determining the sound quality.

The material used for the diaphragm and voice coil is a highly compliant material. The internal molecular structure is unstable at the initial stage of the setting, so the size of the compliant is also unstable. When it is used on the speaker unit, the compliantness is usually small (usually intuitive). Understanding is still relatively blunt) because the molecular structure is relatively stable. After a long period of motion, the distance between the molecules is far, the uniformity of the distribution is much increased, and the overall smoothness of the speaker is also increased. The most important value of the speaker is the lowest resonant frequency, which basically determines the speaker's ability. The lowest frequency achieved, such as the mechanical quality factor of the loudspeaker, is greater than the mechanical loss, so the mechanical quality factor will be lower, which is equivalent to the sound is relatively soft. Therefore, the new earphones sound relatively low-frequency dive, the volume is small, the hardness is small, the intermediate frequency performance is not soft enough, the high frequency has burrs, too sharp and other symptoms (of course, this is also determined by the quality of the headphones themselves) ).
After a while, the compliant (or elastic) of the speaker unit increases, and the movement back and forth is easy, so that the sound
It will be full and relaxed, and the sound quality will be better.

The horn diaphragm is generally blister-coated with PET (except for SONY's bio-diaphragm). The purity of the material and the process parameters during blistering (whether the thickness is uniform, the stress disappears, the direction of material extension) has a very good physical property. Great impact.
The sound of the horn is actually the voice coil connected under the diaphragm (the metal wire wrapped around the paper cone, to meet a certain number of turns, and the quality of the voice coil is very light), moving up and down in the magnetic steel (the material is usually N38) The diaphragm vibrates and sounds.
The optimal response of the diaphragms of different horns to the frequency has a range, and it is impossible to achieve both sides. For the individual diaphragms, the high frequency and the low frequency are contradictory.
But why do some headphones sound like high and low frequencies are excellent, in fact, it can not be solved by the diaphragm alone, but also has a lot to do with the tuning paper and the ear shell.
Maybe everyone has disassembled the headphones with the nature of the monitor. They all see the sound-adjusting paper on the back of the speaker. The effect of the tuning paper has a great influence on the frequency response curve of the speaker. The material (W3) and thickness (mostly 0.6mm) are very good. There is a particularity, which is why some speakers are attached with a layer of tuning paper and some speakers are attached to two layers of tuning paper.
Usually, the parameters of the speaker are different when going down from the pipeline. To make the speaker pass the BK test, the parameters (mainly the frequency response curve) should meet the specified deviation. A good speaker is an integral part of a good earphone, but only a part (not believed You will try to change the speaker. It is also related to the design of the ear shell and the filter material and sound absorbing material.



The vent hole is usually opened on the ear shell (the vent hole of the closed earphone is more difficult to design). The position, size and number of the vent hole are important. The good earphone vent hole is tuned paper instead of ordinary. Dustproof paper.
Similarly, the space design of the ear shell is also very particular, the diaphragm must be able to make the air in and out in a predetermined way during the vibration process, instead of the chaotic exhaust air, the resolution of the earphone and the air intake of the ear shell / The exhaust relationship is very close. Of course, it is inseparable from the filter paper and sound-absorbing cotton (not all headphones need sound-absorbing cotton).



For earphones, the correct  method will improve the characteristics of the diaphragm, mainly to make the diaphragm eliminate the original stress and enhance the elasticity in the high and low frequency changes. Specifically, it depends mainly on what kind of music the user prefers, and the most sensitive frequency range of the user's ear. (Now the city is noisy, many young people can only hear less than 14,000 hearing loss. If you only have a good feeling for the low frequency, I suggest you measure your ears and reduce the low frequency music properly.) The same earphone is for different people. The effect is different (common listeners mostly have a good feeling for low frequencies, and the low frequency effect when designing headphones is the easiest, which is why really good headphones are not excellent at low frequencies).
In addition to the above factors that affect the headset, the headphone cord and plug are also important. Good headphones generally use the OFC audio dedicated line, the inner winding of the yellow wire, the plug is gold-plated instead of ordinary nickel-plated.
The finished earphones will be sampled for simulation human ear test before shipment (the whole test is before mass production), so there will be individual differences, but the overall difference is not big. The design starting point of each earphone is targeted. If anyone wants to say that a certain earphone will make everyone like it, then he is lying. There are a lot of good headphones, but the best for you is the best.
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