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Choose the right type of headphones for listening habits
The dazzling array of headphones is always dazzling, it is difficult to really choose a pair of headphones that match with you, as if each one is very good, but I just don't know if it doesn't work. Headphones are very personal products, so the first thing to do is to choose the headphones that suit your own habits, and then consider whether such headphones sounds like it. First introduce the headset type of this theme, and lead everyone to choose a suitable and favorite headset.
Earmuff headphones


 The type of earphones, as the name implies, covers the ear, and can be subdivided into open earphones and closed (sealed) earphones according to the earphone design.
Open earphone


 The back of the open earphones is not completely sealed, the back wave of the unit can be diffused to the outside, so that the overall listening will not be suffocating, the sound performance is more open and natural, but because the rear shielding reduces the earphone damping, the amp The control requirements are high, and the headphones have no ability to block the outside noise, which is more suitable for home listening.


 Closed earphone


 The sealed (sealed) earphone has a shield on the back of the earphone, so that the earphone unit is (almost) completely sealed behind, and the overall sounding type speaker can obtain a thicker middle and lower bass, but the ear will be covered with the feeling of being covered. The sound is tighter than the open headphones.


 Ear canal earphone


 The ear canal earphones directly point the sound to the ear canal, and the earplugs are closely attached to the ear. In addition to the basic ability to block noise, the sound performance is also full, but the sound field is more likely to be limited in the brain. The compact size is suitable for carrying out, and most ear canal headphones do not need ear expansion to have a good effect.


In ear headphones unit type affects the type of music listening
Although the earphone unit type is not the focus when purchasing headphones, if you can understand these unit features, it will also help you to choose the earphones, making it easier to choose your favorite headphones.
Moving iron headphones


 The principle is that the music signal flows into the earphone unit coil, causing the metal piece to vibrate, and the metal piece drives the vibration mode to vibrate via the connecting rod, thereby generating a sound. The moving iron earphone has a strong regenerative and resolving power for high frequency, but the bass performance is weak because of the small amplitude of the diaphragm.


 Dynamic headphones


 The sounding principle is the same as that of the speaker unit. The voice coil is directly connected to the vibration mode. After the signal enters the voice coil, the vibration is generated by the electromagnetic force. The dynamic headphones have a good mid-bass performance, but the high-pitched sound is slightly inferior to the iron headphones.
Flat mode headphones


 The magnets are distributed on both sides of the diaphragm to sandwich the diaphragm. The diaphragm is covered with a thin metal conductor. The signal flows through the electromagnetic force, and the vibration mode vibrates between the two magnets to make a sound. The flat-plate mode headphones have the advantages of both dynamic and moving iron headphones. The disadvantage is that the sensitivity is low, and the In ear headphones are mostly heavy.


 Electrostatic earphone


 When the high voltage is applied to the central diaphragm and the signals are input to the electrodes on both sides, the diaphragm is vibrated by the electromagnetic force. Since the electrostatic earphone works at a high voltage, it is impossible to use the general ear expansion to push, and it must be combined with a dedicated ear extension. At present, ultra-high-end earphone systems are mostly electrostatic headphones.


 Understand common headphone connectors to avoid the situation that holes can't be inserted
There are many types of earphone connectors currently available on the market. Knowing some common connector types can help you choose the earphones that are suitable for your device's output connection.
3.5mm connector
Most headphones are used in the current mainstream connector, suitable for connecting most computers, mobile phones and players.
6.3mm connector
More advanced earphones will be used with the connector. Due to the large diameter, only the ear extension will be equipped with this hole.
4.4mm connector
Although the five-pole balanced joints introduced by the Japan Electronic Intelligence Technology Industry Association have not yet been popularized, the current trend has been adopted by more and more manufacturers.
2.5mm connector
A balanced connector that is typically used with small ear extensions or players.
XLR 4Pin connector
A standard balanced connector commonly used for desktop ear extensions.


 Select the appropriate headphone impedance according to the playback device
The headphones should make a good sound, in addition to the design of the headphones themselves, the source of the music, the device that drives the headphones will also affect the final sound presentation.
Generally, the ear canal earphones do not need the amp to get good results. The ear canal earphone itself has a small response capability of the diaphragm, and does not eat the control force of the heavy driving device. The impedance of the earphone is not high, and most of them fall between 16-32 Ω. The quality of the sound source is getting better and better. Now, you can directly connect to the sound source of the computer or mobile phone.
As for earmuffs and earphones, earphones with a general impedance of 50-100 Ω can be heard without special amps. However, if the impedance of the earphone is lower, the current output capacity and control force of the driving device are increased. The higher the impedance, the more the voltage output capability of the driving device is driven. Both of the above are recommended to be connected to the amp.
Select the wireless headset and its additional functions according to the usage environment
In order to facilitate convenience, Bluetooth headset has become the best choice, but to get good sound quality, we must pay special attention to Bluetooth transmission encoding. At present, there are two kinds of high-quality transmission encoding: apt-X HD and LDAC, the former can transmit 24bit 48kHz, after It can transmit 24bit 96kHz, and it should also be noted that the same encoding mode is supported for both the transmitting end and the receiving end.



(transmission coding corresponding sampling rate)

Many Bluetooth headsets add a lot of extra features to suit the various situations. For example, anti-noise headphones suitable for use in noisy environments, waterproof headphones suitable for sports and swimming, even set in the headphone casing Various functions of gestures operate the headset.
5 strokes to choose headphones
With the above general understanding of the headset, just follow the steps below, I believe you can pick the right headset.
1. Select the type of earphone according to the use situation: You can choose the wired earmuffs earphones for indoor use, and the sound quality is generally better. Like pop rock, you can choose closed earmuff headphones first, and you can consider open earphones if you like to open the sound field. For outdoor use, you can choose ear canal headphones or Bluetooth earmuffs.

2. Select the corresponding connector or transmission coded earphone according to the playback device: if possible, avoid using the adapter. The Bluetooth headset needs to select the encoding method that can correspond to the playback device.

3. Select the earmuff earphone with the appropriate impedance: If you do not use ear expansion, you should avoid selecting headphones with very low or high impedance. The ear canal headphones do not have this problem.

4. Select the appropriate additional features as required: such as changeable line design, noise reduction, waterproofing, etc.

5. Finally, please go to the audition with your favorite playback device, such as a notebook computer, ear extension or mobile phone. It is the most authentic to listen to. After all, the sound is subjective, and the ear is listening.https://www.uiisiib2b.com/index.html



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