8 keywords that the mobile in ear headphones industry must know in 2019

2018 is a year of rapid development of the mobile in ear headphones industry. With the elimination of earphone jacks and the rise of streaming music, the market for wired headsets is gradually declining. The rise of wireless Bluetooth headsets has brought users a more convenient and relaxed listening experience. . Undoubtedly, the most popular products in the headset market this year are non-real wireless headsets; at the same time, Bluetooth 5.0, active noise reduction, LDAC, fast charging and other technologies have become the hot word of this year. So, let's review the eight keywords of the headset industry this year.
TWS, Bluetooth 5.0, LDAC, active noise reduction, circle iron, fast charge, AI assistant, anti-sweat prevention
TWS (true wireless)
The wave of TWS headphones, originally triggered by Apple AirPods, finally ushered in an explosion in 2018. Among them, the domestic headset manufacturers' speed of follow-up is extremely fast, which further accelerates the popularization of TWS headsets. The full name of TWS is "True Wireless Stereo", which is true wireless stereo.


TWS technology achieves true left and right channel separation on the mobile in ear headphones, completely free from the cable constraints, can be said to be a disruptive Bluetooth audio transmission technology. In 2018, this technology was fully applied to the headset market, so we saw the TWS headset products from 199 yuan to 1999 yuan. The TWS headsets that I have experienced this year are no less than seven or eight models.
At the new product launch conference held in September this year, the Internet headset brand crazy rice will kill the price of TWS headset to 99 yuan, and the official announcement will bring high-cost and true wireless headset to more users, so that more people can experience wireless listening. Fun, really open the era of wireless music for all.
Bluetooth 5.0
In 2019, we will usher in the 5G era, and mobile Internet, AI, smart home and many other fields will also usher in change. This year, we are welcoming the Bluetooth 5.0 era, and the headset industry is also the case. In the narrow headphone cavity, it is especially important to give full play to the energy efficiency of the battery and control the power consumption generated by the operation of the device. The popularity of Bluetooth 5.0 technology is very A good solution to these two problems.

Throughout the current headset market, wireless headsets using Bluetooth 5.0 technology have a comprehensive upgrade in terms of transmission bandwidth, transmission distance, link stability, and power consumption compared to the Bluetooth 4.X era. More importantly, Bluetooth 5.0 has reached a lossless level in audio data transmission, and the sound quality has finally improved dramatically.
It is expected that this year, the mainstream new wireless headsets will all adopt the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. By then, the long-standing connection stability and battery life problems will be completely improved.
LDAC is a black technology developed by Sony to subvert the wireless Bluetooth audio transmission technology. It is a coding technology capable of wirelessly transmitting high-resolution audio. It can achieve a transmission speed of up to 990Kbps and transmit about 3 times the normal Bluetooth audio (SBC). Encoded, 328Kbps) allows users to enjoy Hi-Res-level sound quality in Bluetooth mode.

The birth of LDAC technology has made the Bluetooth sound quality intact, but this technology was originally monopolized by Sony. Users can only use it on Sony's own mobile phones, players, and earphone products. Therefore, LDAC has become the exclusive product of cable powder. welfare. Until the Android 8.0 system was launched last year, LDAC was officially fully open to it, and this black technology can finally be opened to more users.
In the following year, headset manufacturers such as 1MORE, Panasonic, and Pioneer all launched wireless headset products equipped with LDAC technology. At the same time, domestic players such as Fei Ao and Hai Bei have also launched LDAC players. The reason why headphones and players are mentioned at the same time is because they want to use the LDAC function, and the two devices connected by Bluetooth must support this technology at the same time.
Active noise reduction
Noise-cancelling headphones are known as "improving human happiness". It can be said that it is the popularity of noise-reducing headphones, which will bring people from all kinds of noises such as unstoppable mechanical roar, loud noise, mobile phone amplifier music and so on. Save it.
In recent years, with the reduction of barriers to noise reduction technology, the emerging headset brand has broken the monopoly of the established manufacturers on the noise-reduction headphones market. Many manufacturers have launched active noise-reduction headphones products, and the price is less than 1,000 yuan. In Jingdong Mall, there are more than 600 types of active noise canceling headphones, and the price is from 100 yuan to 10,000 yuan.
In 2018, the demand for noise-reducing headphones has been further improved. In the headset market survey we conducted in June this year, the number of active noise reduction votes reached 55.4%, making it the most popular headset function. Nowadays, the active noise reduction function has become the standard for wireless headphones. In the past, this function was mainly for business people. It is not particularly important for the playback quality of headphones, but now it is extended to all users, without sacrificing sound quality. Adding active noise reduction is a real help for improving the listening experience in a variety of environments.
Circle iron

I don't know when, traditional dynamic headphones have not been easy to meet the increasingly discerning ears and various listening preferences of users. Therefore, since last year, the ring iron (moving coil unit + moving iron unit) headphones have gradually become the products of music lovers.
We know that the dynamic unit is characterized by a full and rounded sound, low frequency dynamics, good density, and sound resistance. The moving iron unit is characterized by clear and bright sound, good resolution in the middle and high frequency, and rich details. Therefore, the combination of the two can give play to their respective strengths and bring better sound quality. Of course, there is a need for deep technical and sound tuning skills, far from what I have expressed.
Some people say that the voice is metaphysics, and the consumer's perception of listening needs to be cultivated. In this regard, domestic headset manufacturers have made a lot of efforts in the past two years. Fei Ao, Fei Duo, 1MORE, Xiaomi and other domestic headphones brands have launched flagship ring iron headphones, the price from one or two hundred yuan span to five or six thousand.
Fast charge
Like the mobile phone industry, the fast charge function has become the standard for wireless Bluetooth headset products this year. The introduction of “Charging for 10 minutes, playing for 3 hours” can be seen everywhere. For patients with endurance anxiety, fast charge technology is simply a panacea for saving them.
For the current TWS headsets with poor endurance on the market, whether or not to support the fast charge function is undoubtedly very concerned by users. In this regard, Apple AirPods can be said to be one of the most representative products (charge 15 minutes, use 3 hours).
Of course, it seems to me that fast charging can increase the time users use the product, but it is also a double-edged sword. We know that the battery's endurance will gradually decay over time, and the frequent use of fast charge will undoubtedly accelerate the degradation of battery performance. So occasionally used for emergency is no problem, but in the case of relatively abundant time, it is still full of batteries.
AI assistant
The hottest word in this year's technology circle should be AI (artificial intelligence), especially in the home field, the intelligent hardware products deployed by AI can be said to be pervasive. Among them, the control center of many products is based on AI assistant, which is the intelligent voice assistant we often use on smart speakers. This year, AI assistants expanded into the headset market.
Compared with traditional Bluetooth headsets, the voice interactive experience emphasized by smart headsets is not available in the former, and it can also bring more kinds of application scenarios and scalability. Since the launch of AirPods, the wind direction of the entire headset market has been changed by Apple, and smart headphones have also experienced rapid development this year.

Back to the domestic headset market, many manufacturers, such as Q&A, Mi Wei, Keda Xunfei, etc., have also launched wireless smart headset products. Headphones, as the most used and longest-lasting peripheral products, will be expected to take wearable devices such as smart watches in the future, resulting in an easier and more convenient experience.
Anti-sweat waterproof
In addition to TWS headsets and active noise canceling headphones, the products promoted by the headset market this year should be said to be sports headphones. For the more professional field of sports, what core functions should headphones have? Of course, it is anti-sweat and waterproof. This is the premise to ensure that all functions of the headset are working properly. Without anti-sweat and waterproof protection, your headphones may not be able to survive for a day.

The anti-sweat waterproof protection we are talking about here generally refers to the Japanese JIS industrial grade standard, which distinguishes the waterproof rating by IPX+ digits 1--9. For example, the common IPX4 means that the waterproof level of the earphone is splash-proof (no harmful effect caused by water splash in any direction); if IPX8 is reached, the earphone can be used even if it is immersed in a certain pressure for a long time.
With the rapid spread of TWS headsets, its light and wireless features make it the first choice for many sports people, and the anti-sweat waterproof protection has naturally become the standard for such headphones. In addition, active noise reduction technology has gradually been applied to TWS headsets. By 2019, TWS headsets with active noise reduction, sweat-proof waterproof protection, fast charging and other technologies will become the new favorite of consumers and headphones market.
The above is the 8 keywords of the earphone industry that the author summarized for you in 2019. If there is any omission, welcome everyone to add. What changes will happen to the mobile in ear headphones industry in 2019? What new technologies and heavy new products are worth looking forward to? The next article will continue to provide an in-depth interpretation for everyone, so stay tuned!http://www.uiisiib2b.com/


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