UiiSii C100 Heavy Bass Bird-like Cheap In ear Earphone

Heavy Bass Already Sold 6000000Pcs Fashion Design

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We are making the product for iPhone,MFi Certificated By Apple Inc 

Hi-resolution certificate By Sony

Annual sales of 20 million pieces of headphones

Cheap and Heavy Bass

The earphones is featured with 13.5mm high quality moving coil unit, which provides the excellent bass dive ability and the real and natural sound quality. Standard 3.5mm plug pin, C100 can use in most of portable broadcast equipments, such as smart cellphones,ipad,laptop, MP3 or professional audio player,etc. Provide you several models backup earcap help you select the most comfortable way to listen music. It adopts biological membrane moving coil technology, making sound softer, bass sound performance well under same cavity space.

Function Button

Remote button is for answering and hang up calls. N/S switch is designed for compatibility to any devices and you can find the best suitable ones by switching it.


High Performance sound quality with rich bass, treble and clarity. Gold-plated 3.5 mm audio jack for premium connection to any compatible devices

Ergonomic design and fashionable appearance provides wearing comforts. 2 ultra-soft silicone ear cushions make it available to various ear structures

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