T6J Cost-Effective Double driver hi-res in ear headphones

High Quality Sound,Certificate By Sony(Hi-Res Audio) Most Cost-Effective Dual Driver Product In-line Control

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We are making the product for iPhone,MFi Certificated By Apple Inc 

Hi-resolution certificate By Sony

Annual sales of 20 million pieces of headphones

Our services include Wholesale Double driver headphones and in ear headphones online sale. If you would like to know about our cheap price mobile headphones sales policy, please click "Send Message" to contact us.

 This is the most cost-effective dual Driver mobile in ear headphones
that customers can buy.

T6J Dual Dynamic Drivers Cost-Effective in ear headphones, deliver clean natural well-balanced sound, the bass is full, the mids are articulate, the highs are penetrating, and the sound range is wide.

High quality sound products  which is Certificate by Sony(Hi-Res Audio),T6J is the product that you expect to buy again after purchase.

For comfortable, UiiSii finds 120°ablique in-ear wearing can better naturally match your ear canals. Silicone ear caps can better enclose ear canal which ensuring comfortable wearing, to achieve the best condition of bass effect.

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