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Our aim is to provide trustworthy products, as a professional Factory Wholesale Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Without Wire,Stereo Bluetooth Headset manufacturer.Our team is in a leading position in design, manufacturing and quality control.Our wholesale Bluetooth headphones is available in a wide range of specifications to meet the needs of our customers.It is a pleasure to help your business through our products.Our company is not only good in product quality, but also excellent in service.I wish you a lot of money.

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RHA Audio T20 Wireless Headphone Review:  Outstanding

no matter if you might be sitting down for a game at your computer or are hopping the bus on your go back and forth to work, having a good pair of headphones is important. these days, we're looking at the latest pair of bluetooth headphones from RHA Audio with the T20 instant. The usual T20 in-ear headphones had been some of RHA's most conventional ever and considered one of my all-time favorites. With a removable cable for wired or wireless playback, custom tuning filters, and a stainless steel design, it appears good on paper however does it perform as neatly in the actual world? join us as we find out.


  • latest expense: $
  • Key elements: Wired or instant connectivity (bluetooth and cables included), high-resolution DualCoil drivers, removable stainless-steel housings, bass and treble enhance by way of swappable tuning filters, 10 pairs of alternate ear suggestions (8 silicone, 2 Comply Foam)
  • Frequency range: 16 - forty,000Hz (wired)
  • Impedance: sixteen ohms
  • Rated/max vigor: 2/5mW
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Weight: 37g (wired), 48g (wireless)
  • Bluetooth: version 10m latitude, aptX-compatible
  • faraway & mic: 3-button, commonplace
  • Battery: Li-ion, 12 hours
  • included in the box:
  • T20 wireless in-ear monitors
  • steel-reinforced - MMCX OFC cable
  • aptX-appropriate Bluetooth - MMCX neckband
  • Tuning filters (bass/treble/reference) with holder
  • 7x pairs dual density silicone ear tips (S/M/L)
  • 2x pairs double flange silicone ear assistance (S/L)
  • 2x pairs Comply™ Foam Tsx400 ear counsel
  • clothing clip
  • sports clip
  • Neoprene carry pouch
  • manufacturer's warranty: 3 years, international
  • It turned into just over a 12 months in the past that I reviewed the common T20 Noise setting apart In-Ear headphones for GameSpace back then, i was newer to the RHA brand and was fairly much blown away at their sound and pleasing capacity to customise the sound with its tuning spite of the fact that they rapidly became considered one of my all-time favorite IEMs, I failed to use them as an awful lot as i might have liked. i was some of the people silently conserving my fingers crossed that they'd unlock a wireless edition. in the meantime, the RHA MA-750 instant stayed round my neck literally daily for the next twelve months.

    The T20 instant is an notably unique Bluetooth headphone. if you are new to the RHA company, you're going to discover plenty to like appropriate off the bat. As a top class audio manufacturer, it presentation and unboxing experience are  wonderful. I've all the time liked how properly RHA showcases their items of their packaging; unboxing is a fleeting journey but goes an extended method toward making you believe first rate about the funds you simply spent. Likewise, the included accessories are abundant and encompass a bluetooth cable, a wired cable with stainless steel joints, ten pairs of in a different way sized ear assistance (8 silicone and two pairs of top rate Comply-branded foam information), the charging cable, and a neoprene shuttle case to maintain your apparatus safe on the go. it be an effective equipment, in particular with the sheer quantity of ear suggestions.

    one in every of RHA's hallmark aspects is their use of stainless-steel. like the MA-750s, the properties for each and every earbud are stainless-steel covered in a matte black conclude. The replaceable tuning filters are also metal, as are the weighted ends on the bluetooth cable and the joints on the auxiliary cable. As someone who takes their headphones in every single place with them, here's a design alternative i like as it adds a massive level of durability to the buds. And if you're spending this tons, you desire them to last through anything lifestyles may additionally throw at them.

    while i'm unable to do long term trying out on their durability, I believe confident in saying that they'll final via heavy responsibility put on and tear. The MA-750 wireless headphones I wore daily noticed every little thing from drops, scrapes, bumps, moisture, and dirt. They by no means ever got here close to breaking and are nevertheless as solid today as they had been they day I opened them.

    The second characteristic core feature is that the earbuds are detachable. if you're on the go, that you may plug them into the bluetooth cable and revel in a dozen hours of listening (I found this to be about 10 hours of listening time at 80% quantity). if you're sitting down and want the most effective audio you can muster, switching to the wired cable is the way to go and should liberate the entire frequency response range. This additionally capability that if you ever lose or damage a cable, that you could effectively exchange it due to the standardized MMCX connectors.

    in comparison to the MA-750s, pictured below, the T20 wireless additionally presents an improved healthy. they are oval form nestles right within the folds of your ear to kind a natural fit whereas the circle of the MA-750s led to them to develop into free simply from strolling around. The T20 instant are very cozy, although i'd nevertheless advocate making an attempt the different assistance considering reaching a comfortable seal is essential for any in-ear headphone.

    The only challenge I do have is with the curved wire that suits over your ear. The MA-750s featured the same and, as that you could see, after a 12 months of use, they misplaced most of their reminiscence and would poke out at the back of my ears. The T20 instant suppose more inflexible however i'd be lying if I said I may bear in mind even if the MA-750s were any distinct.

    like the original T20s, the T20 wireless are all about supplying audiophile-grade sound. When wired, they convey the whole 16-40000Hz frequency response range to bring a superb, distortion-free event no rely what kind of tune you might be paying attention to. Over Bluetooth, the headphones take knowledge of the aptX codec to hold their targeted sound signature however do lose some frequency response by using necessity. whether wired or instant, they still sound fantastic and are readily the most beneficial bluetooth earbuds I've ever used.

    When people use the time period "audiophile-grade," they're constantly relating to just a few key elements: detail, soundstage, accuracy, and presentation. On every of these fronts, the T20 instant gives you. using the default "reference" tuning filter, these features immediately upward thrust to the surface. listening to Dustin Kensrue's Blanket of Ghosts, i used to be directly struck with the aid of how well separated the contraptions had been. I might hear every acoustic guitar positioned on my correct and left clear and spaced out from one one more, the tambourine chiming in the history with its personal enjoyable position within the soundstage. As Dustin sang, his baritone welled over it all, sitting atop the instruments without pushing them down to take center stage. The stereo channels had been clear and diverse, which in reality made the first-class mixing shine.

    Later, paying attention to Yosi Horikawa's Letter on Spotify's Headphone Tester playlist, that miraculous presentation made me feel like I say on the center of Yosi's desk, essentially within the middle of the page he changed into frantically scrawling upon. it's the type of auditory journey that just begs you to shut your eyes and be swept away into the soundscape.

    The bluetooth band facets weighted ends to relaxation like a necklace and stay in vicinity, even whereas operating.

    Switching gears, I hopped in my time computer lower back to 2009 and placed on 50 Cent's 21 Questions. Even without the bass filter, the low conclusion is full but tight, by no means leaning too closely on the center-lows and mids. The sub-bass is simple on these headphones, so that you may not consider a rattle on the deepest lows.

    at last, I put on Bullet For My Valentine's Suffocating below phrases of Sorrow, the guitars had been sharp and precise. It become a pleasure to take heed to the concord in most cases riff come together. On most headsets, these two syncopated guitar strains mix together right into a single tone. right here, I could clearly hear each note from both guitars. It became like hearing it for the first time all over the place once again.

    Early listening made it clear that RHA hasn't deviated from the tuning goals of the usual T20. The mids and the highs are each a bit of forward, truly drawing out vocals and the feel of cymbals and high-hats. As a fan of those nice particulars, here is my very own favourite tuning, so I found a lot to get pleasure from devoid of ever altering the filter.

    but the selling factor here is that you should customize your sound. comfortably by means of unscrewing the filter (or nozzle, reckoning on which time period you are time-honored with), which you can get rid of and replace the ultimate tiny piece that customizes your sound. There are two alternate filters for bass and treble which are each color coded. Their enhancements are moderate - consider a few decibels - however present. in case you listen to lots of bass heavy song, you'll really are looking to use that filter. If, instead, you are being attentive to piano, jazz, or, sure, even using these at your laptop for competitive video games, you will are looking to use the treble filter to bring out those details. when you are somewhere in between, like me, the reference filter is in reality how to go. These filters might not change the standard tuning of the headphones, although... just tweak it. So, if you are getting in trying to find thumping bass in order to rattle internal your ear or a wholesale midrange scoop, you're going to nonetheless need to use a application EQ.

    closing thoughts

    i'd been secretly conserving my fingers crossed that the T20s would receive a instant edition and now that they are here I in reality could not have asked for more. They present one of the most choicest bluetooth audio that you may discover beneath $300, have astounding battery life, custom tuning filters, and the unique capacity to swap between bluetooth and wired reckoning on what you're looking for at any given time. At $249, they may be high priced, however their versatility, durability, and fantastic first-class make them one of the most surest sets of bluetooth headphones which you can buy.


  • awesome sound exceptional
  • spectacular positionality and sound separation
  • super fit and lengthy-term consolation
  • stainless steel housings for added sturdiness
  • Tuning filters help you personalize your sound
  • Versatile: swap between bluetooth and wired connections on the fly thanks to removable buds
  • Cons

  • not keen on the memory cable that wraps across the ear
  • expensive
  • The product described in this evaluation turned into provided by using the company for comparison purposes.


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